Professional manufacturer of induction furnace with reliable quality:

FIVE POWER has been engaged in the manufacture of induction furnace for more than 30 years. Our emphasis is improving quality by increase melting efficiency, strengthen mechanical structure, lower maintenance cost, produce both trouble free and reliability machine.

Best designing engineers and technicians:

Our well trained technical designers always meet the requirements from customers, no matter what requirements they have.

Easy maintenance:

The well-arranged circuit system is visual-inspected. It is convenient for parts replacement. Saving labor and cost.

Safety devices:

Safety and trouble free is our goal. Alarm systems are provided for overload, short-circuit cooling, overheat and fluid-leakage. In case of emergency, our system will cut off the power supply, and trigger the alarm. The operator can take prompt reaction to correct the problem and restart operation. Auto-control on efficiency, frequency and sequence provide easy and trouble free operation.

Accumulate over 30 induction equipment producing xperience, satisfaction is your guarantee.



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