For coordinating with the development of the metal Industry and for improving the quality of the castings and forgings in Taiwan, We, FIVE POWER, were founded at the current address in 1973, and began the design and manufacture of the Low Frequency Induction Furnace (Crucible Type) which is supplied to the castings & forgings manufactures for melting the F.C. and F.C.D..Continually.

In 1974, we designed and manufactured the Low Frequency Induction Furnace and heater which are specially designed for the melting and heating of Brass.

In 1975, we extended our production line and improved the production quality by cooperating with Japan Fuji Electric wave Industry co., ltd. And adopting their advanced techniques.

In 1976, the first set MG type High Frequency Induction Furnace in Taiwan was produced by us.

In 1977, after negotiating with Japan Fuji, we invited their technician, Mr. Kulai to stay in our factory as our designer and technical instructor for ten years until 1987. At the same year, the first set of Triple frequency induction furnace in Taiwan was developed by us.

In 1979, we produced first set of High Frequency Induction Furnace for melting S.C.R.

In 1980, we developed the Hydraulic semi-automatic foundry machine for Brass Club Makers to improve the quality of their brass club they made.

In 1983, for coordinating with our government's policy of promoting the automatic production, we developed the High frequency induction heater and Full-Automatic Feeding equipments.

In 1985, we developed the Low frequency channel-type furnace to reduce the power consume during melting.

In 1991, we invented High frequency induction melting & holding furnace. It provides better productivity and energy saving.

In 1996, We introduced a computer operation system to reduce human mistake, maintain the best quality and management. Most of all, it obtained UL ISO-9002 certificate in 26th may, 1999.

In all those years, we devoted all our efforts to improve the efficiency of our products, reduce the power consume by equipments, lower the production cost, and achieve the goal of trouble free. We appreciate to our clients who support us in all those years. In Taiwan, we've have more than 60% of market share. And, we also export our products to Japan, Mainland china, Singapore, Hong kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Nigeria, South Africa, Mexico, Vietnam etc..

We have sold more than 800 sets of machine and we will keep up the good work in developing the best quality and efficiency for all our client's benefits.